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Congressional Coins

Back When I was 14 years old, I actually discovered the movie Style Wars the very first time. I saw the show on Public Broadcasting System, and I recorded the entire broadcast using a cassette (blank) . Not a VHS cassette - a sound tape recorder! Me & my graffiti pals would then memorize the film repeatedly while we practiced our graffiti tags, styles & characters. We all dreamed of being “The Magnetic King”. Educational Money, Congressional Coins
How come? Mostly because we thought Case 2 was awesome. Kase 2 developed the “Computer Rock” style. & he just expressed so many darn cool phrases so we dreamed of being like Kase! Therefore we would endeavor straight letters, blockbusters, wild styles & computer rocks while repeating just about all his awesome sayings such as “fresh extraterrestrial brothers”. The thing that was perhaps even wilder was that Case 2 had just a single arm! And Actually just one foot too. It was akin to even if this guy was given a raw deal (from a childhood accident) Case was just giving it all 100%. It's like, “yeah the dude is amazing.”
One of the things few know would be that Kase 2 s original claim to fame had been his block letters. Curiously, many of us rarely see pictures of these subway pieces, mainly his computer rocks have been documented, probably because towards the end of the New york city subway graffiti period more and more people were taking shots of subway cars. Another intriguing fact regarding Case 2 is the fact that probably his most well-known graffiti pieces, that Kase Elkay car, rode for years! At the time, Nyc had been intensely attempting to eliminate graffiti on the subway trains, nonetheless the Kase Elkay piece for some reason averted "The Buff" for several years, or perhaps only passed through it a few times. Consequently, the piece basically ran about thetrain lines for several years well following the the initial airing of Style Wars.

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